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Current and Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

School Store:  The PTO runs a school store the first Friday of the month during the lunch waves from 11:00AM - 1:00PM.  We are looking for one 4th grade and one 5th grade parent/caregiver to oversee the store during these hours.  A fun way to connect with the students!  

Sign up here!

Election Day Bake Sale:  We will have a table set up outside of the polling center to sell baked goods and hot chocolate!  We are in need of donations and parents/kids to take a shift during the upcoming election on November 7th. 

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Staff Lounge Makeover:  We would love show the staff a little love and give their lounge a bit of a refresh!  If you would like to share ideas, do some planning and give a little time and  little sweat, we'd welcome your collaboration on this effort. 

Sign up here!

Coming soon - Holiday Shop (date TBD):  This is such a fun event!  We run a holiday store during school hours during which every student will have the opportunity to shop for 2 gifts for 2 special people in their lives.  We will need help setting up the store and will need shop assistants/wrappers to help during the store hours.  Sign ups will be posted later in the fall.

More to come:  Bingo Night, Book Fair, Parent Social and other events will also offer opportunities to be involved in the Brown School community!


We LOVE our volunteers!

Please consider sharing your time and talent with your PTO this year.

If you'd like to help, please click here.


Thanks for submitting! We look forward to working with you this year!

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